Exclusive: Backstage At Rachel Gilbert RAFW Spring/Summer 2011

© Jacquii Lie
© Jacquii Lie

Quite the day to remember, working backstage with the Rachel Gilbert team at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week this year. It was a prompt and frighteningly early 6am start for the 10am show and the preparations were well on their way. The Spring Summer 2011/2012 range was ablaze with glitzy glamour, sparkly sequins and splashes of bold colour or print. It was true Rachel Gilbert style and sophistication with an edgy taste on the side. Rachel said that the new range was more "preppy" than her previous lines but was excited for its big debut. She's still reeling from the excitement of a royal choosing her design for the pre-wedding gala and being invited into New York Fashion Week.

© Jacquii Lie
© Jacquii Lie
After all the garments were allocated to each model and steamed, it was onto hair and makeup where the feel was a knotted loose but messy ponytail and neutral faces with stunning tans. The models wore beautiful tan sling-back heels with a dash of lime elastic and millions dollars worth of Jan Logan diamonds or Rachel Gilbert leather cuffs. The bags were set, the models ready, the crowd buzzing and with a beautiful live violinist in a gorgeous black sequined Rachel Gilbert gown to start the show it was all systems go! 

© Jacquii Lie
© Jacquii Lie
After the toweringly tall and lean models began their runway walks it was a rush of elegance, alluring fitted gowns, sexy detailed minis, and clean lined separates. Silks, taffetas, linen and mesh fabrics filled the brightly lit dressing room in stunning designs that echoed classic and timeless fashion with a modern feel. A sparkling success! It was an honour to be a part of such an accomplished and growing designer's show, without a doubt one of my favourites from RAFW yet.

© Jacquii Lie
Couture Caddy signing off from backstage.... xo

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