The New Royal Highness And THAT Dress!

All eyes were on London and the young couple as their big wedding day finally unfolded. Cameras followed Kate Middleton out of the Goring Hotel en route to her ceremony destination, Westminster Abbey. It was the first glimpse we got at that unforgettable dress. The secretly chosen designer was revealed as Sarah Burton the creative director for Alexander McQueen. It featured an intricate long-sleeved lace bodice with a v-neck neckline. Delicately placed over a fitted white gown with a full skirt perfectly detailed on the rim to match including a medium length train. The dress harks back to the ever graceful Grace Kelly on her royal wedding day to the Prince of Monaco which was designed by Helen Rose. Kate's gorgeous drop Robertson Pelham diamond earrings were a commissioned gift from her parents and her something new for the day. The tiara being her something burrowed, labelled the Cartier Halo Tiara, was burrowed from the Queen herself. The tiara was a specially forged gift to the Queen mother from her husband King George VI in 1936 and given to our present Queen on her 18th birthday. With a beaming smile, princess-ly air and calmness about her all day, it truly was a royal fairytale wedding that we will never forget!

(images courtesy of Woman's Day)

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