Exclusive: The Enchanting Marie Ritchie Talks HUSSY's Spring Collection

It was a night of fantasy glitz and glamour on Wednesday night when HUSSY opened its doors to fans and VIPs to preview its lusciously embellished Spring 2012 Enchanted Collection. The night perfectly mirrored the collection's feel with mannequins standing amidst lavish greenery, images of the rich forest photoshoot set beneath the stunning creations, and all HUSSY's themselves modelling the new line. Hussy’s designer Marie Ritchie was all smiles, taking time for each guest and offering expert styling tips to the dressing room's ever-growing queue. Amongst the delicious food, bubbly and lusting over the breathtaking clothes I managed to catch Marie for a few quick words.

© Jacquii Lie

What was the inspiration behind the collection? 
There's this gorgeous park near my old house that I used to love walking through and it would inspire me all the time, that's where the name Enchanted came from. From the enchanted forest where fairies love to dance and play and where magic happens. So it’s very special to me to be able to follow up with this collection and have it stem from this beautiful, magical place.

Well the photoshoot really brings that feeling and vision to life and turned out spectacularly, congratulations. Was it just in time for the launch tonight?
Well no actually we did it a few months ago and we kept it under wraps for tonight. We’re really excited about it all and this event. Lots of getting to know VIPs and customers, which I love doing. But this is only a sneaky peek of the collection and what’s to come, there’s still a few colours that are out at Harpers Bazaar and Madison, everyone’s shooting the collection. We normally do two or three of each colour and we couldn’t even get one for some designs. So it’s literally just a taste. The whole will look very beautiful and embellished yet still quite easy to wear for the season, lots of day to night pieces. The silhouettes are effortless and the fabrications are just gorgeous.

Do you have a personal favourite? 
Oh I don’t know, there are a few. I love the Snake Charmer Dress, I think its amazing and its one of my favourites. I also love the Snap Dragon Playsuit. But really it’s amazing I want one of everything I’m running out of space in my wardrobe - I’m now taking over my husbands'.

Do you have any fashion tips or must-haves for the season? 
I think definitely anything in that stunning jade colour, definitely the Jungle Jumpsuit and the Crystal Rain Top – it's easy to wear and it’ll be the kind of thing you wear for 2 months straight, put it in your wardrobe, wear it again next year and fall in love with it again. Even the Spellbound Top - it's just good weekend wear, like for a Saturday coffee or brunch.

(lookbook images courtesy of HUSSY)


  1. Lucky lucky! Great interview. Love the enchanted green dress... and should mention that I do own one Hussy dress too:)

  2. Enchanted by it all. Brings back childhood memories of The fairy shop in Bondi Jnc.Great to have a designer who combines fashion with faires and magical enchanted gardens. Great interview too.

  3. I have never actually been into their store, looks like it's time for me to make my maiden trip there. ;)

    The Cat Hag