Selena Gomez Is Old Fashion Glamour For Elle Magazine

Look who's all grown up! Selena Gomez has recently done a photoshoot for the August issue of Elle Magazine Mexico. She glows in stunning outfits worthy of a Vogue spread and looks that are reminiscent of a young Bridgitte Bardot. The young starlet has been rocking some seriously fashionable looks recently, stepping out in top international designers and causing quite a stir. Could Selena be a rising Chanel Ambassador in the making or fashion's next 'it' girl? Only time will tell, but if she keeps along this track I think she's well on her way!

(images courtesy of fabsugarau)
(image courtesy of hollywoodpast)


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  2. oh thanks for the comment. i love selena. she's one of the only teen pop stars i like :)

  3. wow, she looks absolutely gorgeous and yes, she's all grown up into a young/stylish/beautiful woman!

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  4. OMG, she looks sooooo pretty!
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  9. I love these looks! and Brigitte Bardot is one of my favourite icons!
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  10. wow! They've done an amazing job of making her look a lot taller than she is.