Anaessia's Spring Summer 2012 / 2013 Debut

After all the hype I'd heard about the Anaessia naturally I was dying to see the new Spring Summer 2012 / 2013 collection debut on the runway at Fashion Palette Weekend. It was well worth it. The show and the collection can only be described by one word, beautiful. The classical music aired and the runway filled with graceful ballet dancers encapsulating the theme of the show. The pieces were dripping in luxe lace, feminine florals, tutus, floor-length tulle and floating embroidery. Stunning. Each model was given their own set of ballet shoes by one of the Anaessia owners who sat glittering and perched on vintage furniture on the runway itself. True runway theatrics!

Images and Video © Jacquii Lie


  1. OOOOoooh the show looks very fabulous and feminine.. So beautiful! Wouldn't mind owning one of the pieces, too!

    Kisses! xxx

  2. wow, quite spectacular for sure! I haven't seen anything like this before, when it comes to fashion shows. you're definitely one lucky lady! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Hey Sweety, great Photos & nice Blog. I like it really ;) Great Job! I follow you, i hope you follw me back (if you like ;))) big kisses from germany ;***

  4. Lovely show! Great idea! ヅ

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  5. Th tutu dresses are amazing, I love all of them.

  6. Love the ballerinas and the tutu dresses so feminine... Love it all.

  7. Hi darling - could you please send me the ind photos of the girls? I'm Charmaine - the girl who opened the show for Anaessia :) xx