Boohoo Stands Out In The Aussie Playing Field!

A night hosted by the teams from and Park Avenue PR, what a match made in heaven! It was the best launch I've had the pleasure of attending to date. Held at Double Bay's restaurant treasure Pink Salt - we were wined and dined in spectacular fashion. The cocktails were divine, the food unbelievable, the company perfect and the reason we were there even better. is one of the UK's leading online fashion retailers featuring must-have on trend pieces at prices our wallets won't be crying about later. The best part is they've just announced free shipping to Australia - my heart jumped alittle bit from the excitement! The new collection was unveiled in sweeping fashion only to reveal more goodies - playtime with the clothes, a photobooth with props, live entertainment and take-home cupcakes. The two teams really nailed this one on the head! Thank you so much for the invitation, our generous voucher and all the good times - job well done ladies!

Me wearing Boohoo with the lovely JessLovesFred!
(images taken by me and


  1. that jacket with colourful butterfly print is really summery and cute! I have actually ordered some goodies from, so it's a familiar store for me ;)
    and my gosh, I want that food right away! I'm so hungry :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. cute photos!
    looks like you had an amazing night :)

  3. wow so jealous. looks like so much fun

  4. I am butterfly crazy. Love the jacket