Exclusive: Interview With Designer Bianca Batson

Bianca Batson is an Australian designer from Brisbane who is the creative genius behind the rising fashion label, Batson. Established only in 2011, her designs have already shot onto the industry's radar being stocked both internationally and nationally. Now London based her modern designs are known for their stand-out inspirational graphic prints, feminine detailing and classic yet minimalistic silhouettes. Couture Caddy was lucky enough to catch her for the first exclusive interview since her move to the UK.

Spring Summer 12 /13 - Robin Hood Garden
Autumn Winter 2012 - Clair De Lune
Spring Summer 2011 / 2012 - Fall
What inspires your amazing graphic prints and how did you come about using photography as a medium for your label? 
Inspiration for the collections always comes from personal research into a topic that I become enthralled by, the prints evolve from there. I've used photography as a medium since the first collection. I was really inspired by the image of that Autumn tree, it then became a sort of ritual to find the perfect photograph.

Who is the Batson woman? 
It's so hard to define her. It's more like a mindset- she wears colour, prefers minimal silhouettes, likes print, but there's also a slight androgynous hint. Let's just say she doesn't put Batson clothes on just for the boys.

What's the story behind your stunning new Robin Hood Garden SS 12 / 13 collection? 
There is this amazing housing commission in Poplar, London called the Robin Hood Gardens. It was designed by a married architect couple in the 70's and I love the geometric lines that are offset by various hangings from the windows. The collection itself was also influenced by a paper I wrote last year at London College Fashion on comparing androgyny and femininity. The prints were a collection of photographs taken from my travels to Budapest by Vogue Italia's Federico Boratto.

Is there a particular era, country, style or designer that has influenced you? 
I have to say that I am really influenced by Sweden, no one does minimal so cool as the Swedish. I am currently learning Swedish, even though everyone says I'm crazy and that it's a dying language.

What's your favourite recent purchase or must-have for the season?
My Cutler & Gross vintage sunglasses (it's summer here in Europe) and also the Cartier watch my Mum and Dad got me for my 21st last month. I've just realised how important it is to have a timeless watch!

Being so well-travelled, where's your favourite secret shopping place anywhere in the world? 
A place in Södermalm Stockholm - amazingly cool and laid back, but they stock the most amazing stuff.

And lastly, what's your go-to handbag? 
I am notorious for carrying cotton tote bags because I always have so much stuff, so much so, that this S/S season sees some of the prints translated across to a cotton tote bag!


  1. Wow she has some unique designs. Love it

  2. I hadn't heard of Bianca Batson until I read this post and I'm so glad I have! What a phenomenal young designer, I think it's amazing she shoots her prints and develops them into such unique pieces! A wonderful interview lovey! xx

    1. Thank Britt, stunning collaboration of photography and fashion! x

  3. I LOVE her designs! My fav Brissie designer! X