Gyunel's Stunning Savoy Show For London Fashion Week

Gyunel is where the Victorian Era meets Queen Armidala, a modern take on what I imagine to be Elizabeth Bennett's futuristic wardrobe. Beautiful fabrics, striking knits and intricate designs set off by dazzling white eyes it was a collection that was very LFW and allured through its individuality. A ready-to-wear and demi-couture label designed by Gyunel Rustamova, her unique background in both fashion and fine art directly influences her creations. Built upon a love of luxury and craftsmanship Gyunel has become known for her unique vision and red carpet personalisation. Held at the iconic Savoy hotel, surrounded by ornate walls and elaborate chandeliers, it was a fitting location for Gyunel's 2013 Autumn Winter presentation. A worthy candidate for LFW!


  1. That blue sweater is amazing, I love the zippers on the sleeve.

  2. wow seriously so interesting to look at!
    My faves are the 2 burgundy dresses!!


  3. Love the show and you are so right. It really is Queen Armidala meets Elizabeth Bennett.