LFW Outfit // Midas Touch

Watson x Watson coat / ASOS shirt / Topshop pants / Topshop heels /
Chanel bag (via Style 4 A While) / Samantha Wills rings
Now for a quick flashback to my London adventures. These were my very first purchases in London from where else but Topshop, if I had unlimited funds and unlimited time I could happily spend my whole life browsing Topshop's delicious racks. What else could be more perfect for London Fashion Week than golden baroque pants and embellished pointed pumps, teamed with my favourite Watson x Watson fur coat on one of the warmest days of my trip and I was in heaven. Next think of the most fabulously sophisticated and probably sweetening unhealthy thing you can eat in London, well the pants made me do it. Who would I be if I didn't bring my fur and golden trophy legs out for some picture perfect high tea at Fortnum and Masons…where the Queen herself shops! Prince Harry eat your heart out, with my Midas touch it would've been love at first sight.


  1. Hi Jacquii
    Was so nice to meet you at the Love Vintage Fair on Friday night. I have been browsing your blog which is fab! Please check out my blog www.emmaaime.com

  2. As calças e os sapatos são lindos , super chic ,i love it :)


  3. I actually didn't think those pants and heels were from Topshop so it definitely was a nice surprise. I have visited only one Topshop store in Prague and now I feel like wearing the heels I got from there :P
    anyway, what I wanted to say.. this outfit is SO my cup of tea! (faux) fur, golden and silver shades, shiny and glittery details. awesome!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Jacquii,

    I have loved following your blog and adventures so far! You are lovely, my dear! Hope that beautiful things come your way.

    love, Bridget (UNC:))

  5. oh....my.....GAWD STOP....well don't...because you are TOO fabulously CHIC for words....woooooow!!
    I can't stop gawking haha
    I love absolutely everything about this look...the fur coat, textured trousers, and amazingly embellished heels....PERFECTION!