The Met // A COMO Hotel

During London Fashion Week I was lucky enough to stay at the beautiful Metropolitan by COMO Hotels. Located in the picturesque setting of London's Hyde Park and Park Lane, it was like I hit the hotel jackpot in monopoly. With luxury Knightsbridge down the road and iconic Harrods calling my name this hotel was a dream come true. The usual upbeat and sophisticated sounds of glasses clinking and light laughter waft from the bar as you enter the warm lobby, greeted personally by not just the doormen but each staff individual member - I felt like Anna Wintour.

A peaceful paradise amongst the busy woes of LFW, the corridors fill your nose with refreshing floral accents and a cosy turned down bed beckons your return. A home away from home, this spacious hotel meets your every need from a wind down run and ginger tea to start a long day of fashion to a relaxing massage and facial to escape from the busy drum of our everyday lives. It was a pleasure staying at The Met and I can't wait to stay with COMO Hotels again.



  1. to be honest I can't tell you which one is my favourite outfit. I just can't choose. each and every one has something that is worth all the love. but one piece did stand out for me - that bright and bold blue'ish jacket!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. The hotel looks fab. And that print jacket- love it

  3. Love the hotel. Must check it out next time I head to London. Love the Lover dress.

  4. The Met looks great. Minimalist luxury.I like that everyone made you feel welcomed. My kind of hotel

    1. Minimalist luxury is definitely the word! x

  5. Love it - the hotel, your outfits - great blend. Must chech out the Met site as I'm thinking of London in Sept.

  6. I miss you and your fabulous fun self so much!!!