Bask In Samantha Wills' Midnight Sunrise

Set in a secret garden and straight from Samantha Wills' heart, this collection was born out of romance and dreams. A lookbook full of beautiful poems, classic novels and telling words Samantha Wills' own life seems somewhat like a fairytale that we'd all long to be a part of. Inspired by a story-like romance that blossomed in New York City's fairy-lights and urban city beats, its no surprise this spark created something incredible. Filled with sparkling stones, regal settings and glistening gems, the returning colours hark back to Samantha Wills' designer roots. Made of long late night conversations, hot summer nights, lazy afternoons, living in the moment, laughter in the midnight air and finding love amidst the sunrise... this is Samantha Wills' Summer 2013 collection, a Midnight Sunrise.


  1. Love the garden party theme. How the jewellery fits in so perfectly in the garden setting... so so pretty.

  2. Feels like the movie ... the secret garden filled with amazing treasures... Samantha Wills jewellery is so elegent. Thanks for sharing.

  3. loving all of the displays....very free spirit, gypsy...LOVE!