GISELLAblu's Audi Singapore Fashion Festival Debut

Showing for the first time at 2013 Audi Singapore Fashion Festival, GISELLAblu is a Dubai brand that utilises luxurious fabrics falling perfectly on a sculpted silhouette to create wonderfully feminine fashion. Filling the gap between couture and luxury ready-to-wear, its effortless and glamourous beauty makes GISELLAblu one to watch. Exquisitely embellished fabrics adorned in shimmering sequins to elegant prints on flowing silks, it was very easy to fall in love with this wearable and expertly cut designer. Can't wait to see what's next to come from ASFF these next few days!


  1. Love the show. Great to see such quality. I never knew Singapore even had a fashion festival. Good one

  2. Love the colours and the femminine feel to the outfits.