Interview With Tobey Maguire At Great Gatsby's Australian Premiere

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby follows the narrative story of would-be writer Nick Carraway's decadent and intoxicating time spent in 1920s New York City. Played by the handsome Tobey Maguire, Nick lands next door to the alluring and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby who lives across the bay from Nick's cousin Daisy Buchanan and her philandering husband Tom. In an era of loosening morals, glittering jazz, bootleg kings, and sky-rocketing stocks this captivating world of luxury and wealth draws Nick into their illusions, loves, tragedy and deceits. Couture Caddy was lucky enough to catch Tobey for a quick chat on the Australian premiere red carpet where he spoke of what initially drew him to this film and his role.


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