Market HQ's Carefree MBFFS Runway

Australian online giant Market HQ caused quite the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival stir with their knock-out runway show. They had it all, from a graffiti artist spray painting their logo and a blogger brigade opening the show to dance-worthy music and a flash dance mob featuring Nacho Pop. It was fun, carefree, flirty and colourful - like one big music festival filled of good-looking people in some sweet clothes. Hitting all the trends of white-out, monochrome, playsuits, waist-tied jackets, and high shine it made the runway basically irresistible. Plus the best part was you could shop all the runway looks asap on Market HQ - make sure you check them out!


  1. I am so in love with all the fresh white on every catwalk lately! Cant' wait to see it translate into chainstore wear!

  2. Love this collection, the items are super cool and I love the hair styling and makeup!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    -Tara x


  3. MARKET HQ's runway show looks like it was so super rad! So sad that I couldn't be there :( x

  4. Amazing collection ! Love those pieces :)