NYFW Outfit // Oh My Goot!

Josh Goot tee and skirt (similar) / Fossil bag / Heatwave heels (similar) / H&M ring
This typical Goot skirt I have been dreaming of for goodness knows how long, waiting for the day that my wallet can afford one of these key runway pieces! Caddies, it finally happened. Snapped up at his latest sample sale, I have been dying to have an excuse to wear these two babies together, what better excuse than New York Fashion Week?! I was lucky enough to also have this beautiful Fossil bag with me for the trip, it is a girl's dream bag as it's made of light amazing leather and fits just about anything and everything. A Mary Poppins bag for the fashion girl. Running around NYC in a neoprene skirt did have its downfalls, jumping in and out of taxis gracefully was nearly impossible however it did cushion me when I took a very typical and Carrie like tumble later that day. You can pretty much guarantee I will fall at least once a season......just call me Clumsy, the lost 8th dwarf.


  1. this tee and your skirt are AMAZING! I'm in love with the print, absolutely in love.
    sorry about the fall by the way. I hope it wasn't too painful ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Oh no ... don't you hate when that happens... hope you are ok. Love the skirt ... how does it stand out like that??

  3. I am in love with that bag. What a great colour.. glam without being too glitzy.

  4. So...I completely miss your fabulosity! Love the matching print! And the full skirt is so chic!

  5. Double Goot good times. I wonder if that skirt print was a sample as I don't remember seeing it in store, lovely mix of marble and opal.