La Ville-Lumière: A Paris Travel Diary

Steeped in mysterious history thanks to Victor Hugo, the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral at night
Paris by twilight, unspoken magic
What happens when 3 top supermodels leave a Paris Fashion Week show!
Dream come true, got to meet this beauty Karlie Kloss at Balmain - fashion heaven.
Just call room service, the only way to dine in Paris. The view from our Intercontinental Le Grand room!
Stella McCartney's breathtaking show venue at the Paris Opera House!
Mandatory Singing in the Rain lamppost picture at The Lourve!
Contemplating finding the real Phantom of the Opera at the iconic Paris Opera House
The view from The Holiday Inn Notre Dame rooftop bar......absolute bliss.
Dying over the fact Taylor Swift filmed her video clip on the roof of our hotel, Intercontinental Le Grand!
Welcome to the city of lights, also forever known as the city of love where a rose is a rose! Redesigned in the 1800s by Haussmann, much of Paris beautiful appeal lies in its perfectly planned city streets and matching architecture which draws light to the city's iconic monuments. A city where getting lost means finding hidden gems, whilst walking back from a show at The Lourve Rivoli I strolled along tiny gallery laden alleyways and seafood markets before happening upon the perfect cafe strip. That's the most inspiring thing about Paris, any little bit of exploration is just as mesmerising as the other. Paris holds the key to my heart...come re-live my Paris travel diary where forgetting where you're from is an art and all of Paree plays a part.


  1. Looks absolutely divine! And omg I love the Begin Again music video. My friend had a similar moment when she realised she found the bridge that Taylor walks along in the music video :)

  2. Beyond jealous right now, all the photos are gorgeous.

  3. Wow, wow, beyond words

  4. Paris, really nothing can compare. Love the photos and the outfit.