A Porcelain Blue Oasis

Oasis waffle knit / Oasis floral skirt / Oasis leather clutch / Oasis gold sparkle heels
With pastel hues and porcelain patterns taking trend all over the world, it's no surprise they go perfectly hand in hand together. This sketched floral midi skirt had me at hello, I could not help but swoon over this printed feminine masterpiece, radiating elegance and taking me back to another time. Soft knitted sweaters and luscious leathers, made me feel like I walked out of a scene from Grease and into the 21st century. It's electrifying. The only way to return to the reality would of course be to click my sparkly heels together - my modern take on Dorothy's own glitter marvels....there's no place like home.


  1. so elegant, I'm just so in love with this print, which is perfect for tea!
    which....can we please go to tea when you're here?

    Amanda | feast.fashion.faves