Alice + Olivia's Fall 2014 Winter Wonderland

Nobody throws a party like an Alice + Olivia party, amidst the freezing cold of New York Fashion Week up pops this enchanted fashion wonderland. Surrounded by celebrities and the most decadent scenery, Alice + Olivia showcased her stunning Fall 2014 collection. Rich in colour and texture, it couldn't have been more impressive if it tried. Embellished jackets and brocade dresses with added fur detailling, it seems this season paid hommage to a somewhat 1970s glamour era whilst shimmering in modern layering. From a sleeping Snow White encased in glass to Cinderella in her carriage to Rapunzel on a mountain top, Alice + Olivia reached out and embraced every girl's fantasy of living out her fairytale, sweeping us up in her whimsical presentation. What a truly magical night!

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  1. I looooove this collection Jacquii! It's so enchanting!!!

    Amanda |