Exclusive Interview // Samantha Jade Rocks Target's MBFFS Runway

Samantha Jade is taking the Australian music industry by storm, this pint-sized firehouse rocked Target's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival runway with three of her hottest hits. Dressed in Danni Minogue Petites, we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Sam before the show.

What do you think of Dannii Minogue's range for Target?
Well I love it because its something that fits, so that's the number one. I always have to go straight to a tailor after I buy something - take it up, take it in, so it's really nice to actually go and try something that fits, I can go straight out from there. I love that. Plus its very on-trend, I like every piece.

Do you have a favourite piece?
Oh that's hard, I love the blazer with the black leather trimming because I like the length of it. It's a little bit longer and I like that cause you can put a dress underneath as well. I also really love the jumpsuit, its dressy or casual. You can wear it with high heels and put a nice necklace on or you can do it with flats, so it works for all occasions.

How would you describe your everyday style vs your stage style?
My everyday style is pretty simple, I'm a simple dresser, I stick to basics and black/white/grey/cream - I'm always kind of in that area. Whereas on stage I like to use colour - hot pink, red, green because you know you need to be more out there on stage. On stage I also wear things a little bit shorter and lower cause you're performing, you're a character and you've gotta be a showman - I don't want to go to a show and see somebody in basics.

It's been an emotional year for you, tell us about your new album.
Yeah it's been coming together for a long long long time now, I feel very bad for my fans that its not out yet but this year's been a bit hard, so we've had to put the brakes on for a second - but I'm back on it and I'm working on it now so it should be out at the beginning of next year. That will be nice, it'll be nice to start the year with a fresh new record and kind of a new lease on life.

Samantha Jade and I both wearing Target

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