Exclusive Interview // Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Specsavers, Buffy, Kids and Style

Sarah Michelle Geller is the 2014 ambassador for Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year and recently was here in Sydney to launch the new campaign. Better known for her iconic role as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sarah has also achieved recent success on TV in Ringer and The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams. A huge fan of her in the Scooby Doo movies, this stylish mum with an ever so cute family including handsome husband Freddie Prince Jnr, Couture Caddy was lucky enough to catch her for a one-on-one interview at the beautiful Pier One Hotel.

Welcome back to Australia, we love having you here. What Is The Specsavers Spectacle Of The Year Competition?
It's about finding the spectacle wearer of the year. When they first contacted me I thought I was going to be the spectacle of the year so I got to do something really dramatic. Its about encouraging the idea that glasses are just an extension of your personality, of your style and it’s just another way to exude confidence. You should never feel lost behind your glasses. It should almost feel more like you. We’re looking for the person that has the confidence, the style and that the glasses fit the person and make the personality. For me I’ve always looked at glasses like a doctor’s prescribed accessory.

Right, I think I want glasses now! How does it feel being an ambassador for such a great body image campaign?
For me, that’s always been really important to me. Confidence, loving yourself, loving who you are. I think it’s something I’ve always stood for. I love the idea that Specsavers is a family brand and been around for a very long time. Not as long as I’ve been around, but almost as long. Sorry....(picks up glasses) look how cool these are? They’re so distracting.... (reads brand) Alex Perry, of course. See what happens. I see something shinny and I lose my entire train of thought. I would love to blame it on jet lag but that avenue has not kicked in yet.

Well jetlag, travel and all - you look amazing and we love your new haircut!
Oh thank you! I’m so shocked by it. Every time I pass a mirror I’ve been…did I really work up the guts to do it?

It looks beautiful on you. How would you describe your sense of style?
It’s evolving. I mean there’s no question that as I get older I’m sort of embracing effortless style, I feel funkier. I don’t have a ton of time in my life. I’m a mum. I’m a working mum with a family and husband, so I like things that are effortless but still feel like me. It’s definitely something I look for. It’s amazing you cut your hair and drying time goes down in half.

Styling time too I’m guessing! Do you have a favourite designer or style icon?
Everybody, from the person that I see on the street to Jennifer Lopez. It’s whoever rocks what they are feeling at that exact moment. To me confidence is key and sometimes I may not agree with someone’s style or choices but as long as they’re feeling it, that’s great. What I don’t like is when someone tries to copy a trend or celebrity just because they think it’s something they should do, but not who they are. That to me is when the clothing should make the person not define the person.

What a great way of looking at it. Do you have any favourite Australian designers you’ve discovered?
That’s actually really funny. When they first told me you know you may not know who some of the judges are, I said who? They said Alex Perry. I love Alex Perry. Aside from his fashion, I’ve watched him on Australia’s Next Top Model forever. I’ve never met him in person so I’m really excited.

Well you will tonight! You’ve said that your kids sometimes pick out your outfits. Do they have their own little sense of style?
Yes my daughter is if anything, fancy. We were shopping for my mum’s birthday in the States. I said to my daughter we are going to pick something out for Nanna for her birthday. How about a purse or jewellery and I picked something up and she said “Mum, it needs to be a lot more posh than that”!

How incredibly cute! Now you’ve been in Hollywood all your life, how do you stay so grounded?
Because the trick is, I have not been in Hollywood. I grew up in New York, moved to LA, moved back to New York. It’s a job, I don’t let it define me.

I see! I’m such a fan of your recent projects – Ringer, The Crazy Ones. What’s next for you?
Goodness. I’m not sure yet. I’m just in the process of thinking about what’s next. What’s hard is that you have such amazing projects, from Buffy to The Crazy Ones…it’s what’s the next thing that’s different. The position I’m in is incredibly lucky because I’ve had more success than I’ve ever hoped for, so it’s all gravy now. It’s all what’s fun and what’s different. What would my audience like to see and what is fulfilling to me.

So does Buffy still hold a special place in your heart?
Oh my goodness. Of course. That’s a given, and sometimes you need time and distance to really understand. I was so young and it was hard to understand the importance and the impact that it held. It’s such an exciting time for me now to sort of be able to look back, really understand and be appreciative with a little distance.



  1. What a great opportunity that you got to interview her! I completely agree with her point on copying certain trends and celebrities! Great post. Xx
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