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My recent trip to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup carnival had me trying out for the first time a limited edition rose gold ghd styler. This well-known product has been on my to-try list for quite some time now, what better time to test it out than with a major event that needed some major hair! The pack comes with handy hair clips, a heat resistant carry bag and protective plate guard - with Christmas coming up be sure to add this to your wishlist. Being part-Asian I have incredibly straight fine hair, so clearly straightening was not a department I needed help in. So instead here's my little quick-and-easy tutorial on how to get the perfect Victoria Secret curls in a flash:

1. Tie your hair in a loose high ponytail. Spray heat defense product now if desired.

2. Begin clamping small portions of hair in the ghd straightener and twist around the barrel. Hold in place to set the curl.

3. Repeat until all hair in the ponytail has been curled.

4. Remove ponytail and re-curl any strays that may have been missed. As I have layers this happens with my longest lengths.

5. Spray hairspray if desired. Run fingers through your hair to separate the curls and voila! The perfect do!

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