Take Me To Aruba

Jeanwest Aruba Tunic / Jeanswest Kokomo Necklace / Jeanswest Salvador Bag / MYO Havaianas
Hi again caddies, many apologies for the blog absence! I came back from Melbourne and Hong Kong duties sick and have been enduring a forced recovery away from the laptop. So onto a happier note - salty hair, sunkissed skin, big waves and sandy feet... Jeanswest has us dreaming of the perfect tropical holiday with their newly introduced holiday essentials collections. A boho chic look for everyone, their comprehensive capsules make it so easy to accessorize and fill your summer wardrobe with head to toe relaxed style. Here's one of my favourite outfits from their store!


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  2. Turquoise and white on the beach is just amazing!!
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  3. That combination is so fresh! White can be a canvas for almost anything! xoxo