Welcome to Bluebelle! Caddies, I may be quite late to the bandwagon but I have a new guilty pleasure. Recently, my bestie brought a DVD over to my place for a night of vege-ing on the couch. What happened next I was yet to realise would dictate any and all of my TV show watching for the near future. I found myself waiting with baited breath for the next episode cliffhanger, the next season finale and before I knew it I was completely hooked. What is this show that has changed my life you may ask? None other than Hart of Dixie. What could be more addictive then sweet small town living, beautiful New York style vs the best of Mad Men dressing and the cherry on top of this incredibly enticing sundae...the very handsome southern gentleman of course! My most recent outfit I think subconsciously came out of this new addiction, a fittingly Lemon Breeland inspired look perhaps for a day spent in the wonderful Bluebell, Alabama.

ASOS Mint Midi Skater Dress / Glamorous Lace Crop / Mulberry Apricot Envelope Clutch /
Heatwave Pointed Pumps