Victoria Beckham's Closing Show In Singapore

Victoria Beckham is not only celebrity royalty of sorts but also part of the fashion elite, her stylish fashion label is coveted each season by the who's who in the industry. A huge fan myself, I was thrilled to be able to attend her closing show at Singapore Fashion Week. Her classic and timeless designs were mimicked by her runway set-up, bringing a professional and sleek standard where you could immediately tell that this was a Victoria Beckham show. Beckham's winter collection is full of must-have coats, elegant knits and that Victoria Beckham handbag line we have all come to know and love. Minimalist but full of luxe grace, each design captivated and immediately had a place in each of our closets - they were investment pieces you know would translate from year to year. Under an atmosphere of excitement and awe, Victoria Beckham's quick humble bow really capped off what this lady is all about - what a show!

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