A Fiji Travel Diary // Welcome To Tokoriki

This was by far my favourite part of the whole trip, Tokoriki Island is simply put absolutely breathtaking. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, it feels like you've found paradise. En route you can notice the water literally changing beneath your feet, the Mamanuca Islands are surrounded by the most brilliant blue water and clear aqua tones you can imagine. I had the pleasure of experiencing the new Sheraton Tokoriki Resort & Spa and I can honestly say it blew my mind. Upon arrival you're greeted by Fijian singing, a shell lei necklace and a refreshing welcome drink. It's these little things that make the Sheraton Tokoriki so great. The service and level of attention to each guest is above and beyond, it's a home away from home.

I would personally suggest staying in the Tokoriki Beachfront Retreat rooms featuring a spacious balcony with your own plunge pool and uninterrupted views of the beach. It's heaven on earth. These rooms are more private for sunbathing on deck or watching the sunset with direct access to the beach - it really feels like your own holiday home. Sunset dinners are a must, as a huge foodie The Flying Fish restaurant was one of my favourite parts of the hotel, offering delicious a-la-carte dishes as well as a nightly buffet - the Fijian night is a highlight! Sunset was one of my personal favourite times of the day on Tokoriki, it's jaw-droppingly beautiful. A little secret, the hotel's helipad offers an almost 360 degree view of this stunning sight.

The Sheraton Tokoriki provides something for all it's guests. There's so much to see and do in the hotel from snorkelling, kayaking, fish feeding, kava tasting with a Fijian warrior, nature walks and even two movies a day in their on-site cinema. Plus the Tom Hanks island from Castaway is also just across the sea and there's a traditional Fijian village to visit as well! For some extra relaxation, make sure you take the time to have a spa day - it's such a pampered experience and the staff who work there are so lovely. These days of my Fijian journey were most definitely the icing on the cake! But all in all, the people in Fiji are so beautiful and the country so picturesque that it felt like home and I felt like family....it truly is where happiness finds you!


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