Yiqing Yin Sheds Her Skin

"In life it is the moments of transformation that are the most powerful. Moving from the familiar to become something distinct is when we are, in equal measures, courageous and at our most fragile." - Yiqing Yin

Yinqing Yin introduces us to a Haute Couture collection labelled "Shed My Skin", inspired from a snake shedding it's skin. A notion of having to go through the pain of the past to see the beauty of the future. Having grown up in France, Chinese-born Yiqing Yin's a young designer with an incredible amount of natural and learned talent. The complexity in her design is captivating integrating lace, embroidery and prints into her creations as a reference to python skin. The ensembles have been crafted to coil about and over a woman’s silhouette, they conceal or unveil the skin within as the wearer moves through life. Yiqing Yin brings a youthful and contemporary energy into the world of Haute Couture through her elegant, unassuming and inspired collections. I look forward to seeing a lot more from this gifted couturier.


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