Keeping Cosy

"Baby it's cold outside..." - Frank Loesser

Forever New wrap / Uniqlo knit / Dannii Minogue x Target Petites jeans / EMU Patterson Lo boots
It's been a bitter winter this season in Australia, we actually don't know how to handle this kind of cold. To combat the harsh rain and freezing temperatures, I've rediscovered my love for fluffy sheepskin. Nothing says warm and cosy like toasty toes and hot feet. EMU boots are not only comfy but also 100% waterproof - hello perfect! Having spent a lot of time overseas recently I've been appreciating Australian culture more and more, we're all about that timeless down-to-earth feel with what we wear. EMU have an all Aussie heritage dating back to 1971 in Melbourne, inspired by an "ever natural" spirit their footwear is made with all-natural materials in Australia - it's beautiful and simply Australian.

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  1. What a fun and girly outfit, you look great! :)