Franck Sorbier's Oriental Spring 2016 Paris Runway

"La liberté d'aimer n'est pas moins sacrée que la liberté de penser" - Victor Hugo. 
Always the showman, Franck Sorbier's latest venue perfectly mirrored his oriental collection inspired by love. Held at Paris's National Museum of Antiquities, the show backdrop was larger than life real ancient Asian artifacts - it doesn't get much better than that. I always love Franck's depth to his designs, he found inspiration through Rodin watercolours, Angkor, the Khmer empire, Mata Hari, Hindi gods and Buddihism - it's these specific details that run from conception to presentation that have always impressed me about Franck Sorbier. A ballet runway featuring his stunning organza, lace, lamé and satin pieces took us to another world.


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