Zuhair Murad's Romantic Spring 2016 Runway

It's all in the details and Zuhair Murad delivers, this larger than life show never fails to live up to the fantasy that is Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. One of the few shows that doesn't leave a single page unturned from hand-written calligraphy invites to chandeliers as far as the eye can see, he's a designer whose atmosphere is awe-inspiring even before the show has begun. Perfectly embodying the season, Murad confines his muses silhouettes in gilded, sun-kissed cages which radiate femininity and allure. Titled 'Amour-En-Cage', his structured yet soft creations are romanticised by 3D floral motifs, chantilly lace, beaming leafage, shimmering crystals, delicately embroidered beading and pearls - just breathtaking. Almost ornamental and a visual feast for the eyes, his collection was wreathed in gracious shades of rosewood, lavender, celadon, glittering ash, crystal white,raw silk and vibrant vermilion. Zuhair Murad, you are truly a master of your craft.


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