Fine Moments With Michael Hill

"Jewellery adds richness, another layer in the storytelling. Think of Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy - jewellery can make moments iconic." - Kelly Framel

If you haven't already, let yourself fall in love with fine jewellery - it's delicate, it's subtle and it's elegantly beautiful. There's nothing quite like it, a little glint of sparkle to brighten the everyday. Now, I have this problem where most of my plated or costume fine jewels either change colour or leave that horrible green line behind. After you find the perfect piece, there's nothing worse than having to try and find a replacement every month. Michael Hill jewellers have solved our problems and created fine jewellery perfection. Finally an actual jeweller that is looking towards trends and bringing them to us in precious metal form. Be sure to check out my favourite pieces above from their latest arrow inspired range available online or in-store now:
Arrow Pendent in 10ct Yellow Gold | Arrow Wrap Ring in 10ct Yellow Gold | 19cm Arrow Bracelet in 10ct Yellow Gold


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