Lan Yu's Delicate Paris Couture Runway

With delicate and ethereal designs, Lan Yu speaks as an ambassador for the ancestral traditions of the Orient. Inspired by the refined craft of Chinese paper cutting from her visit to Gao Fenglian, Yu fell in love with the allegories it can convey from mythology to everyday life. Nimble fingers transform a simple piece of red paper into a butterfly or bird, graceful and steep in Orient tradition this art captures the essence of living things to express love in this rich culture passed from mother to daughter. This theme can be seen beautifully in Yu's creations, she merges her ancestral knowledge of Suxiu embroidery and cut paper with lace and wool to create a unique bridge between the traditional and contemporary. With elegance and the beauty of the Orient, Lan Yu gives us a Fall 2016 collection of simple silhouettes and a variety of detail via hand-painted silk, feathers, dancing butterflies, floral motifs and natural pearls.


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