Guo Pei Looks To Architecture For Paris Couture Week

Held at the Museum of Architecture and Sculpture, we were surrounded by Gothic structures such as pointed towers, pointed arches and arched windows - it is clear Guo Pei's inspiration for her Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. In prosperity or decline, architecture is tested by change throughout history. She wanted to capture architecture's beauty of strength, structure, contour and rationality through the human silhouette. The whole collection embodies the very essence of Gothic architecture interpreted through classic Oriental techniques blurring the boundaries between clothing and structure. She takes the aesthetics of architectural space and realises them in the outlines and details of her designs, creating moving representations of architecture, initialising a dialogue between human body and spatial dimension. Guo Pei emphasises that just as couture follows society's evolution and depicts the spirit of the people from different eras, so does architecture - it is the most beautiful imprint of human development.

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