Ringing In Chinese New Year With Sunglass Hut

Happy Chinese New Year, 恭喜发财! On February 5th, we welcome the Year of the Pig on the Lunar New Year calendar.
You might hear it being called chunjie (春节) otherwise known as Spring Festival. Believe me it's still very wintry right now in Asia, but this holiday marks the end of the coldest days and it symbolically represents new beginnings and fresh starts. Being half Asian myself, it's always been a tradition in my family to have a big banquet dinner where the food and tea just keep on coming. If you're unmarried, the married relatives have to give you money in red envelopes - this is supposed to help transfer fortune from the elders to the kids, but really it's just a good excuse for some of my mates to stay single (haha!) in-spite of their family's objections....shh, you didn't hear it from me!

According to legend, there was a monster named Nian (年) which would visit on New Year’s Eve. One young boy was brave enough to fight him off with firecrackers using the colour red as a weapon, as such people stay up until midnight to fight off monsters with fireworks whilst the colour red brings good luck. I've teamed up with Sunglass Hut to show you their latest Persol it-style in a red inspired editorial to celebrate the New Year. I hope you head over to your local chinatown and Sunglass Hut to get in the spirit of the season!


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