Introducing Shannakian Fine Jewellery

Introducing a family-owned company that produces the most stunning fine jewellery pieces made 100% with heart and 100% in Australia, Shannakian Fine Jewllery. I was lucky enough to meet Arpee, the lovely lady behind the brand who works closely with her husband to create these exquisite one of a kind masterpieces. I've never been so inspired to be sharing lunch with such fierce and successful boss ladies, Arpee's story particularly touched me. I know most of these write-ups share mostly about the brand, but I'd like to take a moment to share the woman behind the brand. These two lovebirds met when they were just teenagers and now have a roost of 2 kiddies, with family at the forefront of this ladies empire - it's her kiddies, her family and her husband who come first. If that isn't what makes a successful business, I don't know what does. The lunch was held at the beautiful Park Hyatt Sydney to celebrate Mother's Day. As an impressive mother herself Arpee does not sugarcoat motherhood and juggling running a business, it's damn hard work, but she does it with such passion and such love that you can't help but feel inspired as a woman. She also shared with us how much life changes when you have kids, in a good way and how much you appreciate your mother and how much stronger that relationship grows once you understand having kids yourself. If that isn't a special message to take with us this Mother's Day, I don't know what is! Here's to amazing women, amazing mothers and successful boss ladies - congratulations Arpee, it was such a pleasure meeting you and celebrating Shannakian jewels!

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